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Shoulder Pain Relief Dec11th 2015

Graston Technique – Treating the Painful Shoulder

Here is the video I promised using Graston Technique to treat soft tissue dysfunction in the posterior shoulder girdle using and in particular the trigger points that can refer pain to the front of the shoulder and down the arm. If you haven’t read the previous article discussing why we would want to treat this

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Shoulder Pain Dec11th 2015

Trigger Points and Shoulder Pain

There are a number of manual therapy techniques we use here at Elite Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, including Graston Technique and Trigger Point Dry Needling, to address muscular pain.  What many people don’t realize is that taut bands of hyperirritable muscle (a.k.a. trigger points) can cause local and referred pain. This article is one

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Shoulder Pain Prevention – Should You Even Be Lifting Overhead?

Dec3rd 2014

This article was originally posted on SportsRehabExpert.com by Andy Barker – head physiotherapist for Leeds Rhinos Rugby team in the U.K. This article is about preventing shoulder pain, but also would fit right in with our series on preventing back pain.  Cheating with the spine to create more shoulder mobility is a great way to

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