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Patient Testimonials

  • “Yesterday I logged my 40th ski day of the season. The knee feels great, super strong, and stable.

    The highlight of the season was definitely climbing and skiing Cody Peak outside of Jackson Hole, which definitely wouldn’t have been possible without you and the Elite team. It’s been the best winter of my life and I have you guys to thank for that.

    Here’s to trying to reach 50 days before another Up North summer.” – Chris Y. , Traverse City, MI

    - Chris Y.
  • “As a passionate golfer I was worried about my knee replacement surgery. Well not to worry after my sessions with Elite Physical Therapy. I was chipping balls within 6 weeks, and hitting the driver within 8 weeks. Planning a golf trip and 4 rounds in 4 days after 14 weeks. Elite listened to me, is extremely professional, and made the visits fun. Enough said!!!”

    Steve S. – Traverse City, MI

    - Steve S.
  • Best place for PT!

    Very helpful. I am so glad I found them. Great staff. Very knowledgeable and if you need physical therapy this is the place to go!

    - Noralee G.
  • A great place for your physical therapy needs.

    They are excellent in what they do. They take the the time to explain what they are doing and they won’t push you if it is hurting you. A great place for your physical therapy needs.

    - Betty T.
  • Top notch PT!

    Great, fantastic, awesome experience! Highly recommend them and great service and very hospitable… radio Station was a plus! They truly are the best!

    - Roby I.
  • Great place for physical therapy!

    Totally impressed! Joe really knows his stuff. The staff is wonderful.

    - Kathleen M.
  • They give you a personalized recovery plan.

    Excellent job, Joe is a true professional that actually works with you instead of sending you home with exercises to do on your own.

    - John M.
  • They are the best.

    Awesome Staff. Outstanding work with youth and youth related sports injuries.

    - Griffiths A.
  • Highly recommend!

    Elite Physical Therapy is extremely thorough and passionate about their jobs, extremely profession, and got my arm back to feeling normal – which I didn’t think would happen again. Elite was also very helpful in working with my insurance, which we all know how that is these days. Lydia and Shannon were absolutely amazing, I would recommend anybody to come here.

    - Kim W.
  • They are patient, helpful, and efficient!

    I have seen Kristie Ockert at Elite PT since before she worked there—I followed her there when I was in need of another round of PT because her treatments are extremely effective. She sizes up the problem, and with a combination of massage, manipulations, other techniques, and exercises, she always helps me put things right. She is thorough in her documentation and communication with my doctor, and has the most wonderful attitude—patient, helpful, not dismissive or judgmental. I can’t recommend her highly enough. The office staff at Elite PT are friendly, efficient, and professional—a pleasure to deal with!

    - Susan D.
  • I am stronger.

    This is my third or fourth time going through PT at Elite. Each time my issues show improvement. Very pleased with the knowledge, know-how, and friendliness of the staff. The different therapeutic techniques have definitely helped me get stronger and more about to relax my issue muscles without extra medication.

    - David E.
  • Highly recommend Elite Physical Therapy & Sports Performance!

    Elite Physical Therapy did wonders for my neck and shoulder pain (and lower back). Joe conducted a thorough inventory of my history — medical, physical, etc. — to determine the correct course of treatment. It took several treatments of dry needling and a series of exercises to eliminate pain and restore movement. Joe is a true professional and skilled craftsman in his profession. Highly recommend Elite Physical Therapy and Sports Performance to anyone in need of services.

    - Leanne M.
  • They are knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly!

    I have used Elite twice. The therapy has been very focused on my needs each time. My therapist took time to explain everything she was doing and made sure everything would benefit my long term recovery. Knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. She makes my therapy enjoyable. I highly recommend Elite to anyone needing PT. Thank You Christie.

    - Jeanie D.
  • They give you the tools to be successful!

    Expert care. They provide exercise bands to easily do the prescribed exercises at home. The treatment with massaging my muscles and tendons worked very well. Documentation is thorough.

    - Kathy and Kent
  • I give them 5 stars!

    I have received care from 3 different providers. I can give 5 stars for each one of them. And after just 3 treatments, my back is much, much better.

    - Angie L.
  • Thanks for all of your help!

    Dr. Allie has helped me and my 12-year old daughter to feel and function so much better! We both ended up needing a physical therapist at the same time but for different reasons. My daughter is a passionate dancer with Company Dance Traverse. She was having knee pain and one of her instructors recommended Allie, who taught my daughter how to stretch and strengthen. Soon the pain lessened and then disappeared. Recently, her hip became painful and she had to sit out of daily dance classes so I called Elite PT. They got her in right away which means my daughter was back in action right away. The exercises and stretches she has learned will serve her for her entire life. The same is certainly true for me! I was in extreme pain when we first met Allie, so much so that I wept through performing simple movements during my evaluation. Allie worked with me for about six months. I am still doing my home exercise and stretching program, which is the reason I am still functioning and working full time today. Dr. Allie is an excellent physical therapist! She is highly knowledgeable, she has amazing energy and a kind heart. My family is so grateful for everything she has done to help us!

    - Kendra F.
  • I'd highly recommend to others!

    Kristy and all the staff at Elite Physical Therapy are terrific! A great experience that I’d highly recommend to others!

    - Tara P.
  • They create a plan just for you to recover.

    The team listens to what you are experiencing, creates a specific individualized therapy plan, and does an excellent job at following through with the plan. They also modify it when needed according to progress.

    - Kim O.
  • They have a whole body approach to making you healthy.

    Kristen and the team at Elite are the best. This is the third physical therapist I’ve seen for my neck and shoulder pain and I’ve finally found someone who works for me. Kristen has a whole body approach to consider how multiple problems may contribute to pain and weakness. I’ve seen significant and measurable improvement in my performance throughout therapy and have a new found optimism in my ability to heal and return to normal activities. If you’re searching for an excellent physical therapist, I highly recommend Kristen and the team at Elite.

    - Jessica L.
  • Great individualized care.

    I love the one on one attention you get. They make you feel important and cared for. Thank you.

    - Misty H.
  • I have made tremendous progress!

    Kristie has been awesome with helping me get better and work towards my goals!

    - Jessica W.
  • Gentle and knowledgeable.

    They are very friendly and professional. I have a work related back injury an they were very gentle as well as informative. I would reccomend them to anyone who needs physical therapy.. 😀

    - Paula M.
  • I’d recommend Elite to my friends and family.

    Elite has been great! Joe helped with my plantar fasciitis and injured tendons in my foot. I’m a runner and he helped me with recover with dry needling, massage, and stretching/exercises. I’d recommend him and Elite to my friends and family.

    - Tracy W.
  • Best place for PT.

    It really is a wonderful physical therapy place. People are very friendly and helpful. It really has helped me a lot.

    - Diane C.
  • My PT is great! She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen.

    My PT is great! She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen.

    - Don R.
  • Always friendly, understanding, and they listen to your concerns.

    Great staff! Went in for a few months, saw great results. Nice clean office, staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. Its been a month since my last visit, and I still use everything they taught and showed me today. I saw big improvements in my posture, and strength. Helped alleviate my back and neck pain.

    Can’t stress enough how awesome the staff was. Always friendly, understanding, and listen to your concerns.

    - Drita D.
  • They are the best!

    Joe and the Elite PT team are fantastic!

    - Christopher J.
  • Great place for PT.

    I am very happy with my PT, Kristen Ockert.

    - Missy S.
  • Very professional.

    Allie is very responsive to reported issues and adjusting the treatment plan to address new concerns. Very professional.

    - William G.
  • Elite is the best!

    They are probably the best physical therapy in all of Northern MI, and Lower Michigan (and trust me with my health I’ve used a few different ones). The staff is the best. They work around your schedule. They are very friendly and are truly concerned about your well being. They were able to get me to do something no other physical place could do. They got me to almost touch my toes and gain better movement with my walking. They also made it so I was back on my feet after knee surgery much quicker. For your physical therapy needs, this is the only place I would highly recommend. Elite they are the tops in my books, enough said.

    - Terry B.
  • Excellent treatment!

    The staff is friendly. The service is good. I only had 4 sessions here but the guasha technique brushing was excellent.

    - Edy
  • I highly recommend them!

    They are very professional and friendly. They make you feel like they have known you for a long time. If I ever need physical therapy again, I will request to see them again.

    - Bonnie J.
  • I highly recommend Elite PT & Sports Performance!

    Great staff, very professional therapist, well-run establishment! I highly recommend them!!!

    - Alan C.
  • Highly reccomend.

    Dry needling by Joe is really helping my nearly 15 yr old nerve damage and hip pain. Highly reccomend.

    - Anne B.
  • His approach was consistently helpful and professional.

    After several months of distinct neck pain out of nowhere, my primary care physician referred me to Elite Physical Therapy, and the flexibility of the firm’s schedule made it easy to promptly set up an assessment and appointments. For starters, Joe conducted a thorough exam of my problem area and began with some preliminary exercises that were well within my realm of movement. He also prescribed some exercises I was perform at home between appointments and provided printed instructions with images to help me be sure that I was doing them correctly.

    Within the first week, I began to experience less neck pain as well as a greater range of movement as far as turning my head. With each successive appointment – usually two a week – Joe introduced new exercises on site and prescribed others for me to do independently, as well as applied area-specific, hands-on therapy to my neck, back and shoulders, always explaining the logic to whatever he was doing and recommending.

    Joe also demonstrated a knack for asking questions that would shed light on factors that might be contributing to my neck pain. These questions led to some recommendations that had a profound effect on my issues; these included an ergonomically correct work station in terms of the placement of my computer at a desk and how I position myself and my reading materials when enjoying a book in bed. I can honestly say that I am much more comfortable as a result of all Joe’s efforts, and am very glad that I was referred to him. His approach was consistently helpful and professional.

    In the small world department, my school’s dance department also retains Joe to work with young artists who put their bodies through exhaustive training and performances all year. I was not aware of this prior to working with Joe, but I entirely understand this choice – he does good work.

    - David A.
  • He is extremely professional and knowledgeable.

    Throughout my military career, I have seen multiple physical therapists. Joe is by far the best PT I have been to. As an athlete, I felt like he knew my body better than I did. On multiple occasions, I have had issues that he knew exactly how to fix. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable.

    - Tom M.
  • Thank you Joe for your help. You have been a blessing to me.

    Over the years I have had severe head and neck trauma. I had severe pain and spasms with limited movement. I was referred to Joe for physical therapy. After the exercise program he gave me and the needle therapy, I began noticing significant improvement in neck movement and the spasms diminished significantly. Not quite 100% yet but am looking forward to further therapy with him.
    I would highly recommend Joe for physical therapy.
    Thank you Joe for your help. You have been a blessing to me.

    - James K.
  • I am running again!

    Dr. Allie Hoyt was an exceptional therapist for getting me back on track with my running.

    - Christo M.
  • I highly recommend this physical therapy clinic!

    I went to see Joe for a headache that was driving me crazy. In the first session, he took me through a thorough evaluation to figure out the cause, provided a treatment, and then explained to me why I had a headache and how to prevent it from coming back. I left his clinic after the first session pain free and feeling good! I highly recommend this physical therapy clinic!

    - Mark B.
  • Great environment for PT

    Very good and very friendly.

    - Mary W.
  • Within a few short weeks, my shoulder has improved substantially.

    I went to Elite Physical Therapy for an injured shoulder. I had been to other physical therapists, but had not made any improvement. Upon the recommendation of a friend who is a semi-pro athlete, I went to Joe Heiler for therapy. Within a few short weeks, my shoulder has improved substantially. In fact, I am almost completely healed, and have no pain After nine months of pain, that is a relief! Additionally, Joe Heiler works with patients to regain lost strength. Over the months I was injured, I had lost significant muscle tone. With the therapist’s expertise and training, I have regained, and even improved, the strength in my arm and shoulder. I highly recommend Elite Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. Hopefully, I won’t be injured again. But if I am, this is the first place I will call.

    - BJ Q.
  • My foot is feeling better.

    I went to Elite PT initially for plantar fasciitis based on my doctors recommendation. She had referred me there specifically for the graston technique. Within weeks Jessi had my foot feeling better. A year later, I was having shoulder/neck pain so I thought I would try message with Jessi. She went above and beyond message and also set me up with exercises. Again, after a few weeks and I’ve noticed a difference in my pain level.

    - Deb S.
  • Joe is an excellent physical therapist.

    Joe is an excellent physical therapist. I received his undivided attention allowed me to gain the most from my time in therapy.

    - Jayme M.
  • They got to the root cause of my pain.

    Thorough exam before starting therapy. Very knowledgeable on the type of therapy needed.

    - Patti D.
  • Best PT ever. I highly recommend.

    Best PT ever. I highly recommend it.

    - Jolynne A.
  • They helped me remain healthy for my collegiate season.

    Elite PT has not only helped me become a better athlete through sessions of their Sports Performance Training, but have helped me remain healthy for my collegiate season through the use of Functional Dry Needling and other innovate techniques not found elsewhere in Northern Michigan.

    - Andrew T.