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Bunke Plank Regressions

Oct14th 2015

Joe Heiler PT Originally posted on SportsRehabExpert.com ‘Core’ strengthening is always a popular topic so figured I’d highlight another set of exercises that we use here at Elite Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. I’ve been playing around with the Bunke planks for awhile now as part of the discharge criteria for my runners and other

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CrossFit and Injury Prevention

Jul25th 2014

I recently interviewed Todd Nief, a CrossFit coach from SouthLoop Strength and Conditioning in Chicago.  It’s posted over at SportsRehabExpert.com on a free page here:  http://www.sportsrehabexpert.com/public/931.cfm?sd=2.  If you’re into CrossFit, or even just thinking about it, you’ll definitely pick up some good tips from Todd. Teaching the Olympic Lifts, power lifts like the squat and

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