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ACL Injuries and Prevention – Jump Training Part II

Dec19th 2016

Last week I talked about some of the main causes of ACL injuries and why they occur at a rate of 3-4x more often in female athletes.  You can find that article along with our first jump training video here: This week I’m posting the second video in a series of three showing how we

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ACL Injuries and Prevention

Dec15th 2016

ACL injuries (anterior cruciate ligament) have been an epidemic in sports but even more so in women’s athletics.  Females are 3-4x more likely to tear their ACL than men.  There are several proposed theories on why this is so but for the purposes of this article and what we address here at Elite Physical Therapy

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Ankle Mobility Drills for Runners

Aug6th 2015

This is the last in our series of dynamic warm-up drills for runners that we use here at Elite Physical Therapy and Sports Performance.  In this video Scott McKeel demonstrates some of our favorite ankle mobility drills to get those ankles moving which will help with a number of common injuries like plantarfascitis, Achilles tendinopathy,

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