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Category: functional movement

The Best Mobility Drill Ever?

Oct1st 2012

I’m into exercises that give you more bang for your buck since I know most athletes are pressed for time, and there are plenty of other training skills they would rather be working on.  The ‘Spiderman’ exercise happens to be one of those exercises that can address everything from hip mobility to thoracic spine mobility

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Exercise of the Week – The Goblet Squat

Dec29th 2011

The goblet squat could be one of the most unappreciated, as well as unheard of, exercises out there. Holding the weight in front of the chest is the key to allowing for improved squatting technique and to get great depth.  Check the picture below and you can see the advantages: knees are wide chest is

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Physical Therapy – Traverse City

Nov14th 2011

So what should Physical Therapy in Traverse City look like? There are many things to consider when choosing which physical therapy clinic is right for you.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to offer a few suggestions for things to think about, or even ask other therapists about, prior to beginning a course of

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