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Category: Rotator Cuff Rehab

Advanced Kettlebell Carries

Jul21st 2016

We love kettlebell carries here at Elite Physical Therapy and Sports Performance as they have numerous benefits to our patients and athletes including: improved shoulder girdle and trunk stability increased grip strength improved core control and strength My current PT student, Mitch Babcock, has brought some new ideas to the table to make our carries

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Shoulder Pain Relief Feb19th 2016

Exercise of the Week – Wall Slides for Shoulder Pain

At Elite Physical Therapy we know that shoulder pain and rotator cuff dysfunction is often the result of multiple factors such as poor scapular stability, loss of cervical and/or thoracic mobility, and poor trunk stability just to name a few.  Wall slides are one of those exercises that will address each of these areas of

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Shoulder Pain Relief Dec11th 2015

Graston Technique – Treating the Painful Shoulder

Here is the video I promised using Graston Technique to treat soft tissue dysfunction in the posterior shoulder girdle using and in particular the trigger points that can refer pain to the front of the shoulder and down the arm. If you haven’t read the previous article discussing why we would want to treat this

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