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Increasing Intensity Without Increasing Load

Feb3rd 2014

This is an article I originally posted on SportsRehabExpert.com, and thought it would be a great piece for the blog audience as well so I apologize ahead of time if some of the terminology is a bit too ‘medical’. I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to challenge my patients and athletes, but without overloading

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Elite PT and Sports Performance Exercise of the Week – The Whip Snatch

Aug23rd 2013

I wrote this article for my SportsRehabExpert.com site a few weeks back, and figured it would be good to share here as well just to give you an idea of some of the more advanced strength and power methods we use here at Elite Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. I picked up this exercise from

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Ankle Rehab Update

Mar15th 2013

So last week I posted this message on Facebook:  “Limited ankle mobility is a very common reason for nagging foot, knee, hip, and back pain in runners. Unfortunately not too many PTs or doctors are looking there. Maybe it’s time to call us and rid yourself of that pain for good!” In the past week

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