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How Elite Physical Therapy Can Help Improve Your Golf Game

Jan21st 2020

When I took my first TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) course back in 2010, that was my first real introduction to the biomechanics and complexity of the golf swing.  I was fascinated by how athletic and powerful golfers have to be to hit a little ball 300+ yards but then have the touch to drop a

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sports injury May26th 2018

Elite PT Newsletter May 2018 – Running Injuries Part 2 – Knee Pain

This month’s newsletter focus is on knee pain.  Things have been getting busier here with summer just around the corner and lots of runners prepping for races. One thing we’ve definitely noticed with our runners is that prevention is key.  They’re coming in sooner, once they can tell something is not quite right, rather than

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sports injury : foot/ ankle pain Apr18th 2018

Elite PT Newsletter April 2018 – Running Injuries Part I – Foot/Ankle

Running Injuries – a Spring time tradition Like the rest of you I’m done with the cold and snow and ready for some nicer weather. It’s that time of year to start thinking about summer which usually means being more active. For you runners out there it will mean getting outside more and probably increasing

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