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Elite PT and Sports Performance Exercise of the Week – The Whip Snatch

Aug23rd 2013

I wrote this article for my SportsRehabExpert.com site a few weeks back, and figured it would be good to share here as well just to give you an idea of some of the more advanced strength and power methods we use here at Elite Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. I picked up this exercise from

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Does Gaining Range of Motion Really Have to Hurt???

Dec14th 2012

Not all physical therapists are created equal, nor does gaining range of motion have to be extremely painful!  I know there is this idea amongst the public that PT has to hurt to effective, but in most cases nothing could be further than the truth.  Sadly enough there are plenty of PT’s out there who

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The Best Mobility Drill Ever?

Oct1st 2012

I’m into exercises that give you more bang for your buck since I know most athletes are pressed for time, and there are plenty of other training skills they would rather be working on.  The ‘Spiderman’ exercise happens to be one of those exercises that can address everything from hip mobility to thoracic spine mobility

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