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Shoulder Pain Relief Feb19th 2016

Exercise of the Week – Wall Slides for Shoulder Pain

At Elite Physical Therapy we know that shoulder pain and rotator cuff dysfunction is often the result of multiple factors such as poor scapular stability, loss of cervical and/or thoracic mobility, and poor trunk stability just to name a few.  Wall slides are one of those exercises that will address each of these areas of

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Now at Elite Physical Therapy – Functional Dry Needling

Apr22nd 2014

Functional Dry Needling is a very effective manual therapy technique that I’ve been wanting to learn for some time now, and was recently trained though Kinetacore.  I’m very excited to be using this new technique and I’m already seeing some great results. In this week’s blog post, I want to give some very basic background

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Elite Physical Therapy Exercise of the Week – Wall Posture Shoulder Mobility

Apr16th 2014

originally posted on SportsRehabExpert.com This article was originally written for physical therapists and other clinicians dealing with shoulder pain and loss of motion so excuse some of the medical terminology.  I know a number of them read this blog so I’m leaving the article as is.  The jist of this article is as follows:  most

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