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David A.

Nov13th 2020

After several months of distinct neck pain out of nowhere, my primary care physician referred me to Elite Physical Therapy, and the flexibility of the firm’s schedule made it easy to promptly set up an assessment and appointments. For starters, Joe conducted a thorough exam of my problem area and began with some preliminary exercises that were well within my realm of movement. He also prescribed some exercises I was perform at home between appointments and provided printed instructions with images to help me be sure that I was doing them correctly.

Within the first week, I began to experience less neck pain as well as a greater range of movement as far as turning my head. With each successive appointment – usually two a week – Joe introduced new exercises on site and prescribed others for me to do independently, as well as applied area-specific, hands-on therapy to my neck, back and shoulders, always explaining the logic to whatever he was doing and recommending.

Joe also demonstrated a knack for asking questions that would shed light on factors that might be contributing to my neck pain. These questions led to some recommendations that had a profound effect on my issues; these included an ergonomically correct work station in terms of the placement of my computer at a desk and how I position myself and my reading materials when enjoying a book in bed. I can honestly say that I am much more comfortable as a result of all Joe’s efforts, and am very glad that I was referred to him. His approach was consistently helpful and professional.

In the small world department, my school’s dance department also retains Joe to work with young artists who put their bodies through exhaustive training and performances all year. I was not aware of this prior to working with Joe, but I entirely understand this choice – he does good work.