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Kendra F.

Nov13th 2020

Dr. Allie has helped me and my 12-year old daughter to feel and function so much better! We both ended up needing a physical therapist at the same time but for different reasons. My daughter is a passionate dancer with Company Dance Traverse. She was having knee pain and one of her instructors recommended Allie, who taught my daughter how to stretch and strengthen. Soon the pain lessened and then disappeared. Recently, her hip became painful and she had to sit out of daily dance classes so I called Elite PT. They got her in right away which means my daughter was back in action right away. The exercises and stretches she has learned will serve her for her entire life. The same is certainly true for me! I was in extreme pain when we first met Allie, so much so that I wept through performing simple movements during my evaluation. Allie worked with me for about six months. I am still doing my home exercise and stretching program, which is the reason I am still functioning and working full time today. Dr. Allie is an excellent physical therapist! She is highly knowledgeable, she has amazing energy and a kind heart. My family is so grateful for everything she has done to help us!