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Sports Performance

Elite Sports Performance – Traverse City

Elite Sports Performance offers an innovative approach to training – working on a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete’s individual goals. Our program is the only one of it’s kind in the Traverse City area emphasizing strength training, the Olympic lifts for power development, linear and multi-directional speed and agility training, injury prevention, and interval based conditioning. Athletes are closely supervised as the coach takes them through an intense 60 minute workout and attention is always paid to proper technique and safety.

One of our unique training philosophies is known as Triphasic Training which was developed by Cal Dietz at the University of Minnesota.  One of the main ideas is to train athletes to move a load (weights) as fast as possible in an attempt to mimic the speed of their sport.  Check out the video of one of our athletes after 6 weeks of training:

225lb Split Squat Max in 1.2 seconds!

If you’ve ever watched a power lifting competition you’ve probably noticed a maximum effort bench press or squat can take 3-4+ seconds to complete.  That’s an example of slow strength. We want athletes that can generate a maximum amount of force in a minimum amount of time. Athletes need to learn to decelerate and change directions as fast as possible even with heavy weight to mimic the demands of sports.  This is just example of how we do it.

Check out the video below for some more examples:



(Forwarded from an athlete’s dad) – “OMG! I hit. I literally spiked, like 10 times! It was amazing! Joe’s clinic is really helping me. I had some amazing digs too. I’m so excited!” – M.M. (Kingsley)

Elite PT has not only helped me become a better athlete through sessions of their Sports Performance Training, but have helped me remain healthy for my collegiate season through the use of Functional Dry Needling and other innovate techniques not found elsewhere in Northern Michigan. – A. T. (Elk Rapids)


One on one and small group training is available by appointment.  Call for details.


Athletic Enhancement Clinics with Maria Blazejewski will be back again next summer!

  • Junior high girls TBA
  • High school girls TBA
  • only 12 athletes accepted in each group.
  • email Joe@elitepttc.com to register or with questions
  • cost is $120 for the session (50% off for 2nd child)





Annual Musculoskeletal Exam – This is your yearly check up for musculoskeletal health. We take you through the Functional Movement Screen and Y Balance Test to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Further testing will be done based on your activities, sports, and goals, and then the appropriate program will be developed for you. This is a 60 minute one on one session. Call to set up an appointment. Further consulting to follow up on progress and/or to advance the program is available. $75.

FMS-Y Balance

Be sure to check out the Elite Blog site for ‘Exercise of the Week’ articles along with other articles and videos on strength and power training, speed and agility, and injury prevention.

Any other questions about Elite Sports Performance programs please give us a call at 231 421-5805.