Sport-Specific Training Traverse City, MI

Sport-Specific Training

At Elite Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, we are happy to say we have some of the most dedicated and advanced physical therapists who can help you with sport-specific training. Our physical therapists work closely with athletes like you to improve performance, achieve goals, and prevent injuries.

Working with our physical therapists and athletic trainers can help you reach your peak performance, whether you’re recovering from an injury or trying to strengthen your skills. They are dedicated not only in helping you reach your goals, but also in helping you develop new ones. If you are interested in working with one of our licensed physical therapists for sports conditioning or pre-season training, don’t hesitate to request an appointment today!

How will working with a physical therapist help my athletic performance?

A few of the biggest benefits of working with a physical therapist for your sport include learning proper lifting and running technique, learning new movement skills, as well as pushing you to new heights in strength, power, and speed.  Some other benefits include:

Developing healthy habits.

While a physical therapist can help you reach physical goals, they can also help you work on general wellness goals, as well. For example, regular exercise, a healthy diet, and a strong focus on hydration are fundamental in improving your physical fitness level. Our physical therapist is a great resource to have when focusing on increasing strength and muscular functionality, as they can help you improve in all aspects of health and wellness.

Refocusing strengths.

Our physical therapist can help you focus on improving your strength in areas that you may not have considered. Many parts of the body influence each other, and strengthening one can help with the function of another. Rather than jumping directly into a new form of activity, it makes sense to train your body to react to the new form of stimulation by improving your muscular strength and range of motion.

Overcoming injuries.

Strength and conditioning programs are some of the best ways to overcome an injury and find relief for your pain. Each treatment is designed specifically to your needs and the condition of your injury, consisting of exercises and strength-building activities that are unique to your recovery.

How can I get started?

Have you recently sustained a sports-related injury? Are you looking to reach new heights in your sport? Are you trying to condition for a specific event? Is your season about to start? If so, you are a prime candidate for our sport-specific training programs at Elite Physical Therapy & Sports Performance.

We’ll help improve your strength so you can perform your sport at your optimum level of physical ability! Contact Us Today at Traverse City, MI Center to request your appointment today!