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Jun10th 2021

6 Common Causes of Joint Pain Physical Therapy Can Help

Are you having trouble keeping up with the basic demands of your day job? Do you have more trouble getting around your home than you once did? Do you look for excuses to withdraw from some of your favorite activities simply because it hurts to move, or you’re worried about injuring yourself? You’re probably suffering

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May20th 2021

In Need of Quick Recovery After Surgery? Try Rehabilitation!

Let’s face it, the idea of having an invasive surgery can be very scary. You’re not sure how the operation will go, and you might also not be clear on what to expect after you’re all sewed up and the anesthesia has faded away. Physical therapy offers precise recovery processes for people just like you

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Tired of Living With Chronic Pain May10th 2021

Tired of Living With Chronic Pain? It’s Time To Try Physical Therapy!

Here’s a wild fact: According to the CDC, an estimated 20.4% of U.S. adults had chronic pain and 8.0% of U.S. adults had high-impact chronic pain. Both were more prevalent among adults living in poverty, adults with less than a high school education, and adults with public health insurance. Moreover, experts predict chronic pain will

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