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Exercise of the Week – Single Leg Overhead Press

Mar3rd 2015

Finding new ways to unload an athlete but still get in a good amount of work is always a challenge.  Finding lifts the athlete can do in a single leg stance position would be one way to do that.

I’m not claiming that I’m going to create any monsters (as Charlie Weingroff would say) with lighter weights here, but I am looking for ways to incorporate an injured limb with increased demands for trunk control and an expression of upper body strength.  This is a great way to bridge the gap in rehab back to the weight room.  It can also be a great way to unload an athlete from time to time to prevent over training.

Check out the video below for tips and progressions of the single leg overhead press:

Couple prerequisites:

  • full shoulder range of motion – you should be able to lie on your back with knees bent, low back flat on the floor, and arms should lie flat on the floor overhead.
  • hold single leg balance with a level pelvis 20-30 seconds statically

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